Pacific boat sides.

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Pacific boat sides.


Post by tbshattuck »

Looking at a 2007 pacific.  It looks like previous owner tried to buff/ polish hull sides. Are these dimples/imperfections something to be worried about? Or normal for a boat of this age?

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Re: Pacific boat sides.


Post by MacCTD »

Definitely not normal IMO, I have an '05 and it still looks really good, that almost looks like it was corroded previously.
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Re: Pacific boat sides.


Post by Tin Cup »

My 04 also still looks good. With a powerwash probably would look new.

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Re: Pacific boat sides.


Post by THE 26 JETTYWOLF »

LOOKS AS IF IT WAS ''walnut blasted'' or similar to me. Get CHAPS to see it. isn't he the master blaster??? MY 2006 has been thru hell and back and experienced loads of electrical current and doesn't look like that. I just have pits all over.......whoopee!!!!!
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Re: Pacific boat sides.


Post by Chaps »

That pitting is a bit unusual but won't hurt the utility of the boat. Is there a black rubber guard (D rubber) around the gunwale?
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