Picture Resolution, memory and disc space

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Picture Resolution, memory and disc space


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All this talk of Picture size, Photo Bucket, AAB, THT, Reel Boating, Email, Your memory card, your PC's Disc space...

I visit a BUNCH of Forums, and one of the things that always comes up is picture size. The best thing to do when taking pictures is to set your camera to the best quality but use one of the smaller picture resolutions, say 640x40 or 1280x960. Why take a picture at 3072X2304 (7.1 mega pixels) that eats up your memory card and takes up a bunch of disc space? A picture that large has to be resized to be e-mailed or uploaded anywhere. Sometimes we forget who is on the receiving end of the big picture.

Now large pictures are great if you're doing a photoshoot, family or wedding shots, but most of the forums I've been on have their picture resolution set to 800X600 pixels. (I have my camera set at 640X480/high quality, and the pictures turn out very good) At 640x480 they upload right away, I don't have to resize them, or download a picture resizer program, or go through any magical process. Nope, not me... Pop the card out of the camera, into my PC, and put them in my photo folder, DONE. They're ready to upload, E-Mail, post anywhere, DONE.

We know that y'all already have pictures that are big, and that it's an extra step to resize them. To THAT end, we've set AAB to accept your large pics and resize them for you. Large pictures will take a bit longer to upload, but if you don't mind the delay, at least you'll be able to skip one step. If you have any questions or problems, we're here to help.
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