Marine engine mufflers & jet pump stomp grates

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Marine engine mufflers & jet pump stomp grates


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In our quest to offer top quality products to the welded aluminum boating industry, we have acquired two more great products to offer all of you, Ketchum manufacturing's stomp grates and mufflers. Steve Ketchum has been a well known innovator in our jet boating industry, developing the first stomp grate to become well known more than 20 years ago. Along with his pump intakes, and engine muffler systems, Steve has developed these products to last and perform well on our boats. We are proud to announce that we have finalized a deal to purchase Steve's business interest in these fine products. We will be greatly ramping up production of the stomp grates and the mufflers so we can offer instant service for retail and OEM customers. Steve will be working for us part time to offer design and service for these products and future products we will be developing for our market. We are working on a design for a transom mounted muffler that you guys are going to like, that also works well with the new catalytic convertor manifolds that leave little room in the engine compartment for an inboard muffler.

Check them out on our website: ... mp-grates/ ... /mufflers/#