Pacific Powertrain windshield wiper system

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Pacific Powertrain windshield wiper system


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We are proud to anounce our new line of wiper motors, arms and frameless blades. For several months we have been researching and looking at many wiper system options and have selected a company to make wiper systems for us. We decided to design our systems around the new style wiper blade that has taken over the auto industry, the frameless wiper blade. The frameless blades have many advantages over the conventional blades we have used for decades. One of the main advantages us jet boaters will apreciate is that it will not scratch our Lexon windshields. We have different sized motors, with adjustable sweep angles, right or left park, and with single or two speed operation. We ave either the standard single arm or a pantograph arm that you will all like, they are both very well built and have a real soild connection clamp for attachment to the motor. The frameless wiper blades will be stocked in lengths of 14" all the way up to 26"

I have had a lot of trouble with other wipers arms stripping the knurled fitting on the motor in big white water, and both of my passenger Lexon windows have been scratched by the conventioonal blades I previouslly had on. These new frameless blades run snooth and quiet and do a real good job of wiping the window. I have installed a pair on my boat and will be putting them to the test this Saturday on a trip we are taking up the river. I will post some pictures and maybe even some video as I can. These wiper systems will be in stock soon, give Doug a call, keep an eye on our website and stay tuned.

Mark Heuett

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Framless Blades
Framless Blades
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Wiper motor, HD pantograph arm & frameless blade
Wiper motor, HD pantograph arm & frameless blade
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